ppi: the php meta framework!

ppi is an open source php meta-framework. we have taken the good bits from Symfony2, ZendFramework2 & Doctrine2 and combined them together to create a solid and very easy web application framework.

ppi can be considered the boilerplate of PHP frameworks

What is ppi made of?

  • Icon Modules

    New and easy modular framework, leveraging the ZendFramework2 ModuleManager component.

  • Icon Routing

    Simple and powerful routing based on the Symfony2 Routing component

  • Icon Templating

    Awesome templating based on the Symfony2 Templating Component. We support PHP, Twig and Smarty

  • Icon Databases

    Simple and powerful DataSource component based on the Doctrine2 DBAL component

  • Icon Composer Based

    ppi itself is a composer package, and all of its dependencies are also composer packages. installation has never been so easy!

  • Icon Our community rocks

    Our Community page gives you access to what's going on in the PPI eco-system.

Who's using PPI Framework?

Fork me on github


  • Icon IRC

    Chat with the ppi community at #ppi on freenode.

  • Icon GitHub

    The easiest way to contribute to ppi is to fork us on GitHub