ppi: the php interoperability framework!

PPI is the PHP Interoperability Framework. It provides an equal and open platform to empower PHP developers to pick the best tools from the best PHP frameworks

PPI bootstraps framework components for you from the top frameworks such as ZendFramework2, Symfony2, Laravel4, FuelPHP, Doctrine2

What is ppi made of?

  • Icon Modules

    Light and simple modules, leveraging the ZF2 ModuleManager component.

  • Icon Routing

    Simple and powerful routing based on the Symfony2 Routing component

  • Icon Templating

    Awesome templating based on the Symfony2 Templating Component. We support PHP, Twig, Smarty and Mustache

  • Icon Databases

    Our powerful DataSource component bootstraps the best DB libraries such as: DoctrineDBAL, DoctrineMongoDB, ZendDB, LaravelDB, Eloquent, Monga

  • Icon Composer Based

    PPI is fully utilising composer for every dependency!

  • Icon Our community rocks

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